Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amy Winehouse and Muffins.

Amy Winehouse hair/makeup: NOT OK.

Note that this is a good picture of her. Girls, you have no reason to tease your hair to the extent that it looks like your sheltering a small mammal somewhere in it. I seen this one cheerleader at our school, and babygirl got platinum blonde hair with a beehive under it for volume. I can understand punk or anti-conformist culture, but in general everyday situations, thats a no no.

And all I have to say about the makeup is.. the phrase is "have your cake and eat it too." not "have your cake and wear it too." lay off the foundation and eyeliner girls. just a little.

The next item on today's agenda are muffin tops.

ok, granted these are big women, and you kinda can't say toooo much. But homegirl on the right, you DEFINITELY do not need a debbie deb knot on the bottom of your shirt! When you're bigger, you CAN'T be as stylish as you want to be, its a fact of fashion life. I would love to sport a pair of Levi's 511's or some colored denim from American Apparel, but i'm just too thick for those jeans and i know it! Sometimes you just gotta go up a size.

ok. now the reason i decided to blog about these two things is cause i saw a girl today in the quad and the most apparent thing i had to hate on about her was the Amy Winehouse business she had goin' on. Sorry dear but that shit ain't workin' for you. Now, as she was walkin' away, all 4'11, 92 lbs of her i noticed SHE HAD A MUFFIN TOP. Someone please explain to me how someone so skinny could still have a muffin top!? Like, is that anatomically possible? I'm probably 5x the girl's size and i still have a better looking torso than she does.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knockin' big girls. I personally love a little thunder thigh action. But just take care of yourself ladies. Watch some TLC or some "What Not To Wear"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

cover them feet, girl!

with the time change, doesn't it feel like it gets colder sooner? this winter season is weird as it is, but i want to stress the fact that it is...COLD! so tell me WHY these girls at the irvine campus like wearing clunk clunks or open-toe heels? i'm sorry, this isn't a CLUB here, ladies! And wtf are you doing with clubbin'-type heels anyway? it's wednesday and by the time you get out of class it's 9:45pm. you know you're not gonna get in with the outfit you're rockin'! a baby sweater with faded jordache jeans and black bedazzled heels that you bought for $5 at the westminster mall? come on, now. really?

so i'm a visual person, just so you know. and, i'd like to share what my idea of "clunk-clunks" are to you all.
please see Exhibit A below.

This, my friends, is a fashion "never ever do". i encountered an IRVC girl wearing clunk-clunks such as these when the weather was..oh, say 55 degrees at night or maybe even colder since we're in the middle of a field really. GIRL! what were you thinking? and on top of that, you sure as hell have never had a pedicure because your heels look like they've never been scrubbed with a pumice stone. Please become familiar with a PediEgg; they're available at your local Target.
Please see Exhibit B below.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Thank you and Good Night!

and, as always...Keep the Hate hand strong.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jerzey Boy

Sooo, if you hang out in the quad, you'll occasionally see this cat ALWAYS wearin' a selection of one of his four throwback jerseys and black skinny jeans. The jerseys are tight homie, but throw in a white tee or a cardigan every now and then.

I mean what would possibly compel someone to have a closet selection that doesn't even last you a week? I know those throwbacks are at least 80$ a pop, so don't tell me you can't afford some $12.99 plain stafford v-neck tees from JC Penny. Shit, you could even hit up Ross or TJ Maxx, anything to give you a wider selection.

I'm not sayin' my fashion sense is impeccable, but just step your game up a little man.

Shoutout to Killa MC Spike (Formerly MC Mike) for spittin' mad game. You're my hero!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You can find me in the pubbb, it's goin' doooowwnn.

So let me be the first to hate on some kids in CSUF.

As many of you know, I am an active Karaoke contestant every mondays at 12 [just in case you wanna watch]. Me and Deks are usually one of the first to go up and sing and let me tell you, we drop it like its hot! Well, among the other volunteers in karaoke, there is one dude that goes up there. He's a rapper, or at least he thinks he is one. This dude just be straight up be freestylin' like he's the ish. And if you've been there, you probably know who I'm talking about. 

Not only does he rap, he actually tries to spit game on girls. HA! This dude just needs to cheeeeel..nawwwwmeeeaan!

He gets a two thumbs down!


Having spent a lot of time in the quad the past 4 and a half years at Cal State Fullerton, I've witnessed many ignant people, fashion do-nots, dumb lookin' cats, and countless other occurrences.

Upon talking to friends in the quad, agreeing that these are indeed noteworthy things to hate on, I decided to make this blog with a select few friends who share my ideas. So I invite you to sit back and enjoy the content to come, and always keep in mind that these are merely our opinions, so people will always disagree. We're all haters in one way or another, its just we've decided that our way will be through a blog.

Welcome to CSUF Haters Inc.
We hope you enjoy your stay.